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ประเภท : Trainings / Seminas / Researchers
เรื่อง : ICA/Japan Training Course
ผู้เขียน : admin
เข้าชม : 2168
จันทร์ ที่ 23 เดือน ธันวาคม พ.ศ.2556 [ ดาวน์โหลด แฟ้มข้อมูลประกอบ ]
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 a Training Course on “Fostering Core Leaders of Agricultural Co-operatives-2013-(II)” will be held in India and Japan. Part-I of the Training Course will be held at New Delhi/IRMA, Gujarat from 14th February 2014 to 16th March 2014. Part-II of the Training Course will be held in Japan in collaboration with the Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia (IDACA) from 17th March to 11th April 2014. The program is being funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Government of Japan, and implemented by ICA.

Invitation to ICA member-organisations to Nominate Candidates and Nomination Procedures:

ICA Member-Organisations/MAFF in Asian region are hereby invited to sponsor candidates [both male and/or female] for selection to participate in this Training Course.

01 All nominations must be made in the ICA prescribed Nomination Forms only [a copy of which is attached herewith];

02 While making nominations, it may please be clearly understood that this is a long-duration training program which means that the selected participant shall remain away from the place of duty for nearly two and a half months [including Home Country Assignments-HCAs];

03 In order to facilitate the selection of the most suitably qualified candidates,ICA member-organisations are invited to nominate two/three or more candidates, in order of their priority, for a final selection to be made by the ICA. This will enable the ICA to offer additional seats in case nominations from some countries are not received on or before the closing date or are not selected for participation;

04 Please ensure that only most appropriate nominations are made. After selection of candidates and their placements at their respective organisations for Home Country Assignments, no changes or replacements are accepted. In the event of any cancellation or replacement, persons on the waiting list will be automatically given priority for selection.

05 Important Note: Sufficient and firm guarantee should be provided to the ICA to the effect that the candidates nominated for the Training Course would return to their home countries after completing the training program in Japan. Kindly note that in case the candidate does not return to home country from Japan on the designated date of departure, the sponsoring organisation is liable to reimburse to the ICA the cost of training incurred on the candidate.

Selection of Participants: A total of 11 participants (men and women) will be selected from among the candidates to be nominated by the ICA member-organisations/Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Asia-Pacific region.

The participants will be selected on the basis of the following work experience. Regardless of educational/professional qualifications, they are to be nominated based on work experience:

1) The participants need to belong to agricultural cooperatives or farmers’ groups. In the case of the country, where the agricultural cooperative is not established or not in order, the government officials in charge of fostering a group of farmers can be included.

2) Educational background and qualification as an expert will not be required. However, the participants are expected to speak and understand English language well.

3) Participants, male or female, between the age group of 30s – 40s will be given priority for selection.

4) Selected Participants should be requested to continue to serve for the organizations they belong to for five (5) years and more after participating in the training course.

5) Participants should be physically and mentally fit to travel and study abroad. 

[A Medical Fitness Certificate is required to be submitted together with the Nomination Form].


Please inform your candidates that they would be exposed to a variety of foods, cultures and customs in different Course location countries and that they would be required to stay in hotels, hostels of training institutions. They should be prepared to accept such situations that may not be entirely satisfactory to them.

Obligations of the Participants:

01 Should posses valid travel documents/passport;

02 Should leave a photocopy of the passport at home and one should be kept with the participant;

03 Should obtain visas to participating countries e.g., India and Japan;

04 Should have adequate insurance cover for health/travel accident etc. for the period from the date of travel from their home country to New Delhi till the date they arrive in Japan. In Japan, all the participants will be insured by IDACA till the date they reach back at the international airport of their home country after completing the course. (The insurance cost may be re-imbursed to the participants by ICA in New Delhi, on production of the original 

receipt of payment up to a maximum of US$ 50/- per participant).

05 5 copies of the passport-size photographs of the participant.

06 Sufficient funds to cover personal costs (including excess baggage charges, if any);

07 All the participants must leave Japan on the designated date of departure. 

Obligations of the ICA-AP:

[A] The ICA-AP will cover the following expenses for the participants during the Training Course:

01 International economy class travels by the shortest route [from the nearest international airport in the home country to various Training Course destinations]. Where applicable, economy class excursion tickets will be issued. No domestic travel costs in the home country are covered by the ICA-AP;

02 Accommodation at various locations [hotels/hostels on twin sharing basis];

03 Visa Recommendation Letters will be provided to the selected candidates for Course location countries. All visa-related costs are to be covered by the participants themselves;

04 Provision of food allowances or arranged meals;

05 Internal travel and transportation during field study visits in India and Japan;

06 A maximum of 10 kg postage charges by surface mail for each participant for sending printed materials from India and Japan to their respective countries at the end of the training program; and


[B] The ICA-AP will NOT cover any of the following costs:

01 All visa fees, airport taxes and other local taxes e.g., Exit tax, Fiscal tax etc. in home countries before departure to join the Course in New Delhi in February’14.

02 Transportation costs for travel to/from international airports within the home country;

03 Transportation and other costs incurred during Home Country Assignments. Such costs are to be covered by the sponsoring organisations as a part of their contribution to the program;

04 Health Security and Medical Costs. The candidates are advised to take, on their own, a comprehensive health/medical insurance policies to cover risks for the period from the date of travel from their home country to New Delhi till the date they arrive in Japan. In Japan, all the participants will be insured by IDACA till the date they reach back to the international airport of their home country after completing the course. This is to be done before leaving for New Delhi. (The insurance cost may be re-imbursed to the participants by ICA in New Delhi, on production of original receipt of payment up to a maximum of US$ 50/- per participant). Please note that the ICA will not cover any kind of medical costs during the period of the Training Course. In case the candidates have been under treatment, they should bring their medical records along and the medicines that they normally take;

05 Costs of privately-arranged excursions or shopping tours on weekends during the Training Course; and

06 Personal telephone/TeleFax/cable/postage charges; and all other personal costs.

In order to obtain first-hand information about the Training Course, it is suggested that a briefing be obtained from our former participants in your country. This will also help the nominated candidates to collect data and information in accomplishing their Home Country Assignments and prepare for the Course effectively.

Submission of Nominations to the ICA-AP, New Delhi

[The Closing Date for Receipt of Nominations is: January 15, 2014]

01. Since the program is spread over two countries e.g., India and Japan, it is necessary for the ICA to finalise the selection of participants by January 15, 2014. Preparations on the part of the ICA involves firming up a variety of practical arrangements e.g., confirming hotel/hostel accommodations, fixing-up air travel bookings, finalising visa formalities in various countries and intimating host countries to make local arrangements.

02. It is, therefore, necessary that the nominations from ICA Member-Organisations are received by the ICA-AP as soon as possible and not after January 15, 2014. It will not be possible for the ICA-AP to accept any last minute withdrawals and/or replacements of already nominated candidates. There are substantial costs involved if replacements are requested. Such costs will have to be borne by the nominating organisations.


03. After the candidates are identified by the ICA member-organisations, please send to the ICA-AP, in advance, the particulars of the selected candidate(s) in the enclosed “Advance Information Proforma” either by Fax: +91-11-2688 8067 (or by E-mail: taneja@icaroap.coop) The duly filled-in “Advance Information Proforma” may be sent to Mr. A.K. Taneja, Project Coordinator, ICA-AP, New Delhi by 10th January 2014. The complete duly filled-in Nomination Form, along with its enclosures, can be sent later to ICA-AP by 15th January, 2014.

04. Please ensure that nominations are sent to the ICA-AP only when the Nomination Form is complete in all respects. Nomination Form, which is not complete, will not be taken up for consideration for selection.

05. It may please be noted that the nominated candidates shall participate in the Training Course for its full duration. Candidates who have already attended any of ICA/IDACA training course may not be re-nominated.

06. In some cases, the nominated candidates are required to obtain government clearance for travel abroad and for attending training courses of this type. All these formalities should be completed before the commencement of the Training Course.

07. The candidates who are selected for participation in the Training Course must sign an undertaking that they would leave Japan on the designated date of departure.

08. The International Cooperative Alliance will not be responsible for any costs except the one which have been outlined in this Course Memorandum.

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